That one Rule #1856


I feel that this describes yesterday perfectly. I know that everyone always seems to have a day where everything is going wrong, all problems you thought you had taken care off came back up etc etc etc. Yesterday was my day, I woke up in a funk, a horrible one, and thought, what are the several things I can do to make this day better.

I can cry, eat tons of ice cream, pout, vent, but why… those things never really make you happy. They just disguise your current problems and then they come back later.

So instead of doing that I put on my favorite skirt, some cute heels (low to ground of course) and a sweater. Drove to work, purchased some yogurt with granola and channeled everything into my work day. It was a long day but semi productive. Haha, it was the day before Friday and of course all I could think about was Friday and the snow storm that was coming.

I channeled all of my frustration into making the best playlist for my students 🙂 My fitness class was going to be perfect 🙂

And by the end of the day, after class, I had succeeded turning my frown upside down.

Life always gives you “challenges”. That’s why they call it life. 🙂 but if you take the bad and turn it into good the possibilities are endless…


Welcome to my Journey


I am always thinking of ways to INSPIRE my self. Ways to make self better, kinder, wiser, smarter and all those other fun adjectives that can be used to describe the person I want to become.

So lets start fresh. A new beginning. A new me. Who needs New Years to start a resolution. I’m starting now.

I’m going to ASPIRE to be MORE than what I am.

Welcome to my journey ❤